Who else would like to learn exactly which Lego sets make great FLIPS and "buy and hold" investments? Get ready to learn PROVEN LEGO strategies from a pro who's flipped multiple seven figures worth of LEGOS for great profits!

Here are some students who have already been through this training:

“If you are interested in learning how to profitably buy and sell Legos, there’s no better coach than Greg. I’ve been following Greg since April 2020. Since then I’ve done over $800K in gross sales on Amazon – as a side hustle – a large chunk of these sales being Legos. Whether you want to do retail arbitrage, online arbitrage, find quick flips, or longer term holds, Greg can teach you how to source, store, and sell Legos.” – Rob K.

“I never knew the true power of Legos and the importance of patience (buy hold) with this brand until I started utilizing Greg’s strategies. Greg actually buys what he recommends. I started following Greg when I was already selling 7 figures. Beginner or advanced seller, you have a place with him.” – Hatsu

“I have never built a Lego set, but I have built a very profitable business selling Lego sets thanks to my learnings from Greg! If you’re looking for a BOLO Lego lead, look somewhere else. If you want to learn how to profit consistently from Lego, Greg is exactly who you want to learn from!” – Gene A.

“Greg has a wealth of knowledge on Lego and toys in general.  His conservative approach uses a data-based strategy combined with years of experience.  He will help guide your thinking about when and what price to make purchases, as well as approaches to efficiently and effectively maximize your investment.” – Dang L. 
“Over 3 years ago I was introduced to Greg and Lego investing. The return on investment has been HUGE, but the knowledge and systems Greg shares have been priceless.” -Adam S. 
“I always stayed away from selling Legos until I met Greg. He provides valuable knowledge and strategies that make selling Legos not only fun, but profitable. Greg teaches in a very simple way how to invest in Legos, understand the history of each set, when to buy them and most important when to sell them. He knows a lot about Legos and is always willing to share with others.” – Carolina L. 
“I’ve been using these strategies for a year. It’s not about chasing the current hot toys.   Instead it’s a data driven approach that requires a bit more patience, but the payoff is higher, more predictable profits.  As one of the few Canadians I’ve had to tweak the process, but the principles are solid and have given me the info I need to make it work outside of the US. ”  – Debbie S.

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